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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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meeting. we have come to the meetings. we are optimistic that we can talk about this program. the mayor has sent a program to them. david," has been working hard with his colleagues. -- campos has been working hard with his colleagues. i am asking any of you to help us in our lobbying efforts. i know that some of you have connections around the area and would be great if you could reach out to other counties to support us on this message. hopefully, we can move this forward in the upcoming months. lastly, we have been working together again to work with staff on implementation, which has been going very well, though there is still some work to be done. >> thank you. next speaker? >> [reads names] >> my name is charles. i am here to support mr.
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maxwell. he was fired for being a whistle-blower. we will continue to let people know who we is and what he was fired for. we will also be reminding people that you folks with policy are responsible for the death of kenneth harding jr.. you have not heard the last of that either. mr. harding's mother has called for a muni shut down on the days that he was shot, one day ago, july 16. we are talking about defending folks against attacks on meat -- union workers and the article that they represent. so, i am not here to thank or congratulate anyone. you will be hearing from us. we will be seeing justice for the fired workers and killed a black people under your policies.
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>> thank you. >> [reads names] >> afternoon. my name is neil patel. i would like to extend a warm welcome to the new director. i look forward to working with you in the future. i wanted to give you all a brief update as the summer approaches. the san francisco bicycle collision, we are proud to be a leading resource. we have a full calendar in the coming months of free urban cycling workshops on the road. we would love your help in sending an invitation to the citizens of san francisco that you know who are interested in bicycling and would like to learn the rules of the road. tonight we have a specific course for women and transgendered individuals. in july we have a course for san franciscans who are seniors. we are trying our best to reach
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all of them. you can find our full calendar of mind. please, do spread the word. lastly, i would like to thank this board for one year ago approving parking relocation changes on 17th street. as you might know, 17th street was long ago identified as a bicycle corridor. one segment got held up for various reasons. after additional community work, you all approved this stretch. bicycle lanes will be going in in the next few weeks. i know that a lot of our members are excited. it is a narrow stretch of road where right now. thank you again. i look forward to discussing that with the wall in the coming weeks. >> [reads names] >> good afternoon.
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>> i brought some show and tell. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is mason. i started off behind the wheel of a cab. over the years, i was demoted to a desk and a chair, manager at yellow cab. i wanted to speak to the benefit of the commissioners i have not met. i wanted to establish that i have some basis for saying what i say. i want to talk to you about regulations. when i started in this business, 1965, i got this little package. it is the company regulation for the new drivers. and a driver manuel. when we were underneath the taxi commission, this was the
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regulation. it looked like this, about 46 pages. two weeks ago we were considering this. if you think that moving from here to hear is a step forward, there are some very attractive lots on the moon where you can look at the earth that i can offer you for sale. i am not against regulations, but i think that any of the regulations that i have put before you, and i know you do not have time to read this all, i do not have the time to read this all, but the basic issue in my mind is that if any of this resulted in a better, more efficient, more responsive taxi industry that serves the public -- if it does not, if the staff that presents this stuff to you
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cannot tell you how, think about that. thank you. >[tone] >> next speakers? >> [reads names] >> mr. toronto? >> thank you. first, i wanted to point out that about the issue of taxis, there are certain days of the week where the demand is low. there are some months where the demand is low. this is the time.
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we need to make a decision regarding the services. i have spoken to staff. it is in their hands. they are not regulating these industries and they are basically ignoring your staff, our staff -- having paid for it -- to deal with these issues. i ask you to come forward with a resolution, please, asking them to help you guys in regulating these types of services, because they are not doing it and they need to change the rules. regarding the staffing changes, there have been losses in the taxi services department that are very crucial. i urge you, let the other
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departments involved in dealing with shortages of time. we need to speed up the hiring of necessary individuals that are already paid for out of -- not general funds, but the taxi industry. in closing, as a result, the taxi industry is not represented at these key meetings. [tone] please, help. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> [reads names] >> good afternoon, directors. [unintelligible] the first one, as you heard from, he already told you to look at this revolution. the thing is, he and me, we both work together to bring the taxi to the sfmta. but you feel ashamed that you
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are incapable. you have destroyed the whole situation. tested, 200 cabs bumper-to- bumper. we did not want to bring people in the room. and you did. i gave you those papers today. one of the papers is a paper which shows that any leader, all over the city, any cab, shows how many trips, how many miles, how many everything. why would we need electronics? we do not need it. you are trying to -- i have given you these copies -- you are trying to do something that is totally the privacy of the citizens to deduct.
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if i take a man to a brothel place or a dance place, citizens do not exit. they will go to the ballot and come to the next meeting with a protest. there will be a strike here. we are telling you that you are not understanding this industry. just handle it nicely. you do not want it? what the fight to continue? 200 apartments here are watching you. thank you. -- 200 departments here are watching you. [tone] >> next speaker, please. >> [unintelligible] kim. of course, you will never get a union agreement in this industry. i have enormous faith in this industry in moving things forward for the taxi industry. i think that there is a capable
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hand there to move things forward. i want to work very closely with you to make this a world-class taxicab service. having said that, i want to exit -- echoed the concerns of the last meeting. it was really about process. we went through a serious bidding process that would have provided equipment and installation. i want you to understand that in my opinion, you have now created a funded a mandate that is now an unfunded mandate. this will have consequences for companies like my own, and more importantly it did not address the real problem, which is the same resistance that drivers will have is still going to be there. it was not about the price. it was about accountability and electronic waybills. the industry does not want to be accountable.
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drivers want to be off of the grid. we need to make sure that the industry is accountable for providing service standards in this industry. my concern is that companies like mine, investing in these services, are put in a position of non-competitiveness when there is no enforcement or standards being applied. i cannot compete against 20 other companies that are not meeting those standards. i ask you, as we go forward as an agency, create high standards and applied them evenly across the board. you will have a much better level of service. thank you. [tone] >> next speaker? >> overall, i would like to
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support the industry. a couple of years ago they put the wrong side up on market street. they spent a lot of money and had to put it up again. it was not that kind of agency, watching what we are doing. i do not think that you are used to covering your operation covers and you put too much money on this. spend too much time, too much money. if you put some kind of money in the right place, you will get a big benefit. how much would cost to build a bullet train? $7 billion. it will only take you 3.5 years to build it. from beijing to lasa, it is a hard job, four years only. we have more and more baby
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boomers. we have to stop now. your muni drivers, you have to build them like a family. i am a cab driver as well. i have made money because i know how to save my time and money. i go to the right time and place to meet people and make money. there is so much that is different, monday through friday. supplies like this, friday, saturday, there is a time when you make money on this. i reached out from income. thank you. >[tone] >> that is the last person.
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these will be retained and if the member of a public which has an item severed -- i see that there is a comment. >> i do not at all. i do, however, want to make a note of item 10.7. labor agreements were posted 15 days ago, as required by the charter. there have been some minor changes made that we can walk through, if you want. i wanted to let you know that that had happened. >> thank you. any members of the board or public? motion on the consent calendar? >> seconded. >> aye. >> thank you very much. >> i understand that there is a request to call item no. 12 first. >> amending transportation code
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section 905 to permit the purchase of residential parking permit visitor permits on a daily or weekly basis and limit the number of one day visitor permits that may be purchased by residential address in a single year to 20 during the permit year, amending section 960 per head of the contractor parking permits to within 1,500 meters or three blocks, whichever is greater, of the contractor is a registered business address or any satellite office engaged in business related activity. >> ok, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, directors. this item has two separate provisions for which we are seeking approval. the first is to provide prepaid one day visitor residential parking permits. they can be used with a 20 permit limit in the city, where they have the availability to
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come in and purchase on a one time basis. the second change is the seller procedure. we kind of do not have that. the third item, where you do not have the speaker, amending section 9064 contract in parking meters within 1,500 feet, or three blocks, whichever is greater. so, this issue came up and has been coming up over several years, since it was established. it is the only permit of its kind, like that, that allows any kind of business for a permit to park. that is when they are doing business with small contractors. they usually allow the conducting a business around the bases. their offices, that is what is happening. these permits are not being used
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by small contractors to park on the street around their offices, thereby limiting the parking availability for the businesses on the block. they are also taking these permits and parking their personal cars within their parking lots and putting these cars on the streets. we are filing a violations. the attempt of the permit is to allow contractors to do the business during the day. we have been working with the board on this, someone from the port will also speak to this. we are asking for the allowed continuing permit for the one of its kind to prohibit these cars from parking in the 1500 perimeter around home businesses. if they want to permit the home business, they would be restricted to loading and unloading. otherwise they have to pay for it, like every other business.
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cac approved it. we did extensive outreach. on april 20 of the initial notice was sent to all contractors, who received about 15 comments. a follow-up message was sent on the 14th. opposition came out of a 670 permit holders. so, we believe we have addressed the teenager issues and have tweaked the original proposal, allowing these permits to be eligible in a way that we had originally not allowed. we allowed the contractors to use it while they were visibly loading and unloading. >> is that the presentation? >> if you want to hear the report -- >> i just have a question. so, a business, like every other
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resident, has a right to a certain number of permits, right? >> yes. if you are a business and are operating on the street, you have a limited number. >> this would not affect that? >> this has nothing to do with that. >> this is just a special class of contractor permits. if the contractor had an office, they could still apply for permits for their staff and stuff? ok. with someone from the port might to speak to the board? -- would someone from the port like to speak to the board? good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners. money misused -- susan reynolds, director of real-estate for the port of san francisco.
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we have been working to bring parodying -- parity to the process on the city side as opposed to the court side. we have also had problems with some of these contractor licenses that were there, working in their offices, taking up street lighting. hertz other businesses in the neighborhood because the parking does not turnover. we are in favor of the mandate for pricing and parking process. especially on port property, where we have limited space and a high demand. this would help to turn cars over and help with the traffic management in the area. it would just help overall movement of the sfmta and what
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they are trying to achieve by coming to a more efficient parking process of using the demand based parking process. >> members of the board? thank you very much. members of the public? someone else for the presentation? >> good afternoon, directors. i want to thank the sfmta for these proposals to amend the code. we support this proposal to restrict contractor permits in front of the workplace. we have been in a partnership to manage part in for several years now. i have been privileged to be a part of that journey. we are at a time when every parking stall counts. one of the goals for parking
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meter management is that we can always find a stall in san francisco. that is done through dynamics. s that tell us the occupancy level at various times throughout the day. these contractor permits give a false reading. they allow for unrestricted use. there really is no way to regulate the permits. the port of san francisco now pays for parking citywide. suzanne and i issued parking at a city leader. we asked if they approved of this regulation and a proposal. they said they get paid for parking in front of the
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business. this would promote parking meter management goals in san francisco. thank you. >> that is the staff presentation. >> yes. >> that is what they claim? >> right. and that is in the tenderloin. if we were to park a few blocks away, parking in front of someone else -- by the way, we put the most money in our small businesses. about one block out, the only point is the size size.
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and when the sell-off last, i get a neighborhood parking sticker. we are kind of shut out on that. there needs to be and there is plating on seven days per week, and from 4:00 until 6:00 every day per week, it is tough enough already. coming to the office and do we do that per -- do we do that on everyone?
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>> i understand you're looking for any stream of revenue possible. there was no meter when i first moved to the neighborhood. i read with some amusement that some of the people had patched talking about the horrors of having to feed the meter. so, we have gotten used to that. the contractor permit, i assure you that we are not using it as a free parking pass. the idea that we are respite -- restricted and i know that this is probably not a popular idea, but the last that i knew, the
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residential parking permit was less than $100 per year. and they feel like this is just another one of those and laughing -- one of those kinds of things, small businesses are told that san franciscans constantly look at this. i hope things will take a moment to make it more tenable and it is the head of e.f. and i do not know how diligently the meter enforcement would be. we would have to make sure we were actively carrying someone. thank you. >> that is the last person who has turned in a cart on this
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one. >>[tone] >> ok. what response would you give? >> that the issue of parity, it is only the contractors will are on the onus. we have parsed out one group of small businesses to contractors to get this permit. it gave six months of free parking. they are getting the advantage of what small businesses get, above and beyond. this department would not exist if we give them all resources. >> considering this recommendation, were different parts of the city considered? >> we spoke to the small business commission and they were across between the small
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business commission. part of their community is not getting the permits, tying up space in front of their business frontage, where the other contractors with it the advantage are concerned about the change. they understood why we were moving forward with this. >> seems like different places in the city, while the situation in the tenderloin is a very dense population. >> i guess it is difficult across the city for enforcement, for different kinds of administrative, as well as having to identify which business is aware. looking at that, i am not sure what it would be. mostly constructive? from our perspective. >> i am sure that that is